Tips for Installing Under Cabinet Led Light Strips in the Kitchen

Mon, 12/26/2011 - 01:50 - ethan7557

The perfect lighting solution for your home is that you can get lighting in every room. But there are some places, where you aren't able to achieve enough bright light. One of those places is the under cabinet in the kitchen, as it can create large shadows, which will keep you from see clearly. To solve this problem, the under cabinet lights are a great solution. One of under cabinet lights we usually use is the fluorescent bar. Thought it can provide perfect lighting for areas under cabinet, it can also product a lot of heat, if the space is not wide enough, you will run the risk of burns.

A better lighting option is the under cabinet LED light strips. They are significantly different from the traditional lighting sources, since most of the electrical energy used into light energy, and less heat will be generated. The great advantage of LED light strip is that they can offer natural white light, so that you can see more exact colors and more details of objects. The energy-saving RGB LED light strip can also outfitted with controllers which will enable to control the brightness according to your actually need.

When installing under cabinet LED light strip, the most important thing is to plan the lighting layout. Here is a brief step-by-step guide for you:

Step 1: decide the electrical outlet you will use
For a small kitchen, you may have only one outlet, and then just start your installation there. But if you have several, it could be better to the outlet farthest to the left or right of the cabinets.

Step 2: layout the AC plug and low power adapter
You can just place the AC plug under the electrical outlet, and then stretch the cord under cabinet. As we know, the LED strips work at low power, like 12 volt DC, or 24 volt DC, so you can't just connect them to high AC power, or we will get the strip burned. A low power adapter is usually supplied with the LED strips kit. Plug the end of the adapter cable into the outlet on one of strips.

Step 3: layout LED strips under your cabinet
The general LED strip for under cabinet is 2 ft long, so you need to attach additional light strips by using the connectors. Continue connecting the light strips until you reach the other end of the cabinets. As the strips can be cut every 3 LEDs, so you can easily arrange the appropriate length. To secure light strips, you can use some clear mounting clips.

Step 4: turn it on, and test the LED light strips.

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