Gas Log is a Bad Idea

We want to convert our wood burning fire place to natural gas.  Natural gas service is readily available in our home as we use gas for our stove.  How do we do it and who do we call?
Nanajdp01  3-18-07 11:58pm

Even though I'm a do-it-yourself proponent, this is definitely one area where you DON'T want to do it yourself!  Gas piping, improperly installed, can have explosive consequences. 

Secondly, if you want to install a gas burner into a formerly wood burning fire place, I hope that you are independently wealthy.  These burners are huge energy wasters.  Some burn as much gas as the furnace or boiler that heats you entire house.  Also, they pose a large risk of carbon monoxide poisoning as they do not do a good job of fully combusting the gas.  And, they produce tons of moisture.  Gas, after it burns, is 80% water vapor and very corrosive to the inside of chimney.

My advice is to stick with the wood, or install a wood stove insert into the brick fireplace, which will increase it's efficiency.

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