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Bathroom Remodeling

Home Sweet Home can harbor many dangers that are easy to put off fixing or overlook altogether. Take time to secure your home inside and out to prevent the following top home danger zones from impacting your family’s safety and security.

Insufficient fire protection: Buying a bunch of smoke...


Now that the kids are home for summer, keep vacation fun and safe by taking precautions indoors and out. This season is especially active and challenging, so make sure everyone understands the importance of safety, and do all you can to protect kids from summer dangers in the following...

Fences and Gates

Drowning due to lack of pool fencing is the number one cause of death for young children. Properly designed pool fencing is the most effective way to keep children safe.

Green Home, Saving Energy

Most outdoor pool owners already use the sun to heat their pool water. Sunlight is absorbed by pool water, and thus the water is warmed. Pretty straightforward stuff.  But there’s more you can do to exploit the 100% free solar power of the sun to heat your pool.  How?

We asked Everett...

When selecting your landscaping projects to beautify your exterior, consider home improvements that deliver long life and good value to your property, without adding to the maintenance bills.
The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) recently did a study of the life expectancy of...

Want to heat your swimming pool on the cheap? Make the most of the summer sun. Even if you already use the sun to warm up your outdoor pool, the following adjustments can help you extend swim season by up to three weeks.

Harness daylight: To soak up maximum heat during the day, your pool...