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Radon gas dangers in the home have become more prevalent, and can affect homeowners before radon is detected. Consider the story of Stanley, a nuclear power company employee from Pennsylvania. One day he arrived at work and the radiation monitors at the plant screamed an alarm. The experts...

Range Hood:  Tips for Adding or Replacing

Adding or replacing a range hood is a great way to update the kitchen and improve your indoor air quality. There are plenty of range hoods on the market today that can fit with any style and budget. Replacing a range hood is an easy Saturday afternoon project for the average DIYer. For as...

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Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that occurs naturally when uranium in the soil breaks down. If inhaled, radon can cause damage to your lung tissues and can lead to lung cancer.

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Allergy Relief: 10 Tips to Breathe Easy at Home
This year's allergy season? Nothing to sneeze at. The long, cold winter kept trees dormant for longer than usual, which means tree pollen season will overlap with grass pollen and mold seasons. For those with multiple...