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Look for New, Innovative Tools when Shopping for Father's Day

By Don Mandeville

Father’s Day is almost here, which means it’s time to start thinking about what to get. All dads are different, but one fact is universal – they’re tough to shop for.

Before you start shopping, think about what tools he uses most often and the projects that he works on...


Is your dryer's tumbler stained? A stray crayon, forgotten pen, or excess dye from clothing not only stains clothes, but your dryer, as well.  To remove stains on your dryer's tumbler, apply spray cleaner, a mild abrasive, or laundry stain treatment to the affected area of the dryer tumbler  and...


A built-in desk will help you make use of otherwise dead space in high-traffic areas like your kitchen. When designing your built-in desk, include plenty of shelves and drawers and don't forget to make provisions for PC's, phones and faxes. If you would like to add space and subtract clutter in...

Hobby Rooms: Create a Space for Your Favorite Pastime

Many of us have dreamed of a space in our homes dedicated to our favorite hobby. Maybe for you it’s a workshop, a sewing room, a writer's nook or an art studio. 

Well, what are you waiting for? There’s no better time than now to live your dream. And you might be surprised by how easy it is...

Laundry Rooms

We are remodeling our kitchen/pantry/laundry room.  Does it make sense to replace our electric clothes dryer with a natural gas dryer? We could have the plumber extend the gas line into the laundry room while the walls are opened up.
Kjklax 7-24-07 7:30AM

This makes total sense.  In general,...

Find out how to plan and organize home workspaces including your home office, garage workshop and laundry room. Get ideas for easy shelving and storage, choose energy-efficient equipment and appliances, and learn how to care for such home workspace investments as clothes dryers and workshop tools.